Factory Support

– the safe solution!

Our Factory Support concept is simple. We combine our professionals with top-quality products to give you the best solution possible. The Dr. Schutz Factory Support guarantees you the optimal treatment of your surfaces. As a Dr. Schutz partner our team has an intensive knowledge to the products we are working with, which guarantees you a correct and professional installation.

Why use Dr. Schutz Factory Support?

  • Factory warranty: From 3 to 15 years written warranty on wear out.
  • Professional installation with the latest technology.
  • Competitive prices on installation.
  • No unexpected costs – fixed price before start-up.
  • Opportunity of an up to 15-year service agreement.
  • Written warranty for the application of original products.
  • Project management that ensures high quality.
  • No parallel-imported products, where the source is doubtful.
  • A guarantee that existing surfaces are not damaged in the PUR treatment.
  • In case of flaws and deficiencies, mending is started within 7 days.
  • Professional guidance during the entire procedure.
  • Delivery as agreed and professionals you can trust.
  • Eco-friendly solutions with green building and recycling in focus.
  • Documentation on product features and factual test approvals.

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Phone.: +45 7021 4747