Creativity and innovation lie at the heart of modern architecture. The Dr. Schutz product range offers you endless possibilities to redesign floors while saving resources and protecting the environment. Below you will find some of the reasons why we should be a part of your next project.

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Renew an existing surface with new design.


Change the look on an existing surface with a color of your choice.

Extreme durability

Four times more durable than epoxy
equals long-term protections against wear.


The cleaning-friendly surface ensures a cost-effective daily maintenance.

Indoor environment

The Dr. Schutz products meet the demands
for surfaces according to INSTA 800.

Quickly installed

Restores factory finish within few hours.

Reduces scratches

The Dr. Schutz products significantly
reduce scratches in the floor.

Avoid operating loss

Maintenance and renovation is
often completed without operating loss.

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